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Astrix Study is an online platform for playing quizzes and participating in events, learning new and unique facts, clarifying doubts, and shop bestselling books.

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Interactive Quizzes filled with memes and prizes.


Interesting and Unique Facts filled with knowledge.


Doubt Clarification by experts, and bots - offline too!



Bestselling, Best Rated, and New Arrivals Books at the best price.

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Users and quizzers from all over the world.

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Quiz: Play interactive quizzes in different subjects like English, Information Technology, World Languages, Mathematics, and lots more.

Facts: Learn unique and interesting facts about different things.

Doubts: Clarify doubts by experts, chatbot, or WhatsApp Doubt Clarification Service.

Books: Shop Bestselling, Best Rated, and New Arrival Books at the best rates.

Exclusive: Exclusive Deals, Discounts, FREE Delivery & lots more.

Additional Features:

Events: Participate in events with players from all over the world and win gifts and rewards. Register for Harry Potter Book Night.

eBooks: Read Popular eBooks at just Rs. 49 or Read Unlimited eBooks for FREE with Astrix Exclusive Membership.

Special Quizzes: Play special quizzes like Harry Potter Quiz, The Impossible Quiz, On this Day Quiz, Animal Quizzes, and Earth Quizzes.

Social Media:

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We regularly post quotes, facts, on this day, and lots more. You can also find live interviews, live interactions, author interactions, and book reviews on social media handles.