10 Interesting Space Facts

Welcome to the facts section of Astrix Study. Let's get started with our second set of amazing facts.

  1. Mercury & Venus are the only planets in our solar system that have no moons.

  2. The hottest planet in the solar system is Venus.

  3. The Twitter handle of Curiosity Rover (NASA) welcomed ISRO's Mars Orbiter with a namaste. https://twitter.com/marsorbiter/status/514618412417302528

  4. The footprints which are left on the moon won't disappear because there is no wind on the moon.

  5. Because of lower gravity, a person who weighs around 100 kg on earth would weigh around only 38 kg on Mars.

  6. Jupiter is the planet having the most moons in our solar system. It has 79 moons.

  7. The size of planet pluto is smaller than the United States. It is approximately half the length of the United States.

  8. A day on the planet Pluto lasts for 153.6 hours equivalent to 6.4 days on the planet Earth.

  9. Pizza Hut had once made a delivery to International Space Station and it costed them around $1 million for this delivery.

  10. The distance between Earth and any other planet is calculated using Astronomical Unit (AU) and 1 AU is equal to the distance between Earth and Sun, i.e. roughly 150 million kilometers.

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