21ˢᵗ Century and Education

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

The 21st Century is the century of online education and e-learning is the way to learn in present times. As life continues to offer us challenges, we meet those challenges through our education and training in different domains of knowledge and skillsets

. The last two decades have witnessed a phenomenal increase in the number of online education portals.

Astrix Study is an online education portal promoting e-learning among students worldwide by providing services such as doubt clarification, quizzes, facts, notes, practice sets, events, multi-user discussion platforms, study videos, and live classes.

We at Astrix Study provide a number of free online resources as well as a number of paid plans for comprehensive learning. Our effort is to offer students a platform for online school education.

We initially started in 2018 to facilitate e-learning among kids and received a tremendous response to our initiative. As a growing e-learning company, we are gradually expanding our services and have plans to offer online degree programmes, training courses in different domains that provide an advantageous edge to the budding students around the world in an ever-changing educational scenario.

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