The most powerful man in the world

The most powerful man in the world, Angus Macheskill The matter is a bit older than today, about a hundred years ago in Scotland there was a very powerful young man named Angus Mekeskill. He was born in 1825 and died in 1863 i.e. just 38 years old. He had a length of 7 feet 9 inches and a weight of 193 kg. Angus had 12 siblings and all of them were normal body.

In childhood, there was nothing special in his body but as he got older his age grew in him. The extraordinary power kept on coming and once he demonstrated his power when he was just 14 years old and he took such a big log which took at least 10 people to lift it. After reaching 14 years of age, he was cut and after the age of 14, his size started to increase and by the age of 19, his length had increased to 7 feet 9 inches. The funny thing about her was that her shoes were so big that once a cat gave her children in her shoes and the children remained in her shoes for 21 days. Once upon a time, Angus called Angus to his court and asked him to demonstrate his power, then Angus demonstrated his power in a very unique way. He started pressing the floor with his foot and His footprint was printed on the stone floor which remains there till today. Another such incident is of his strength when once he was going somewhere and a very big heavy truck got stuck in a pit which 10 people were unable to get together and pulled it out of that pit. He was very polite and kept away from fighting but once he was invited by a boxer to contest but still did not agree to fight, he gave Angus good Ra said that after that, he was ready for this match but before the match, as both people came face to face and they shook hands, Angus shattered his hand by pressing his hand and broke the bones of the boxer's palm. And he became disabled for life. Angus often displayed his power by betting and in which he was always successful, one time he went to a place and made a bet to lift an anchor of 1000 kg. He lifted the anchor higher than his head, but a chain fell from the anchor and fell on his shoulder, and a deep injury was made on his shoulder and the wound slowly grew and his health would deteriorate and this wound caused some. He died after a while.

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