Simple past
1. I .......... the sign to the departure gate
a) looked after
b) followed
c) discussed
d) ran after
2. and .......... through passport control.
a) went
b) discussed
c) smiled
d) went under
3. I .......... down in the departure lounge.
a) hurried
b) came
c) went
d) sat
4. It .......... full of teenagers, obviously a school trip.
a) was
b) happened
c) suggested
d) disappeared
5. They .......... a terrible noise.
a) were happening
b) were smoking
c) were doing
d) were making
6. And then I .......... that terrible announcement, the one you don't want to hear.
a) heard
b) listened
c) felt
d) spoke
7. There .......... a problem with the engine.
a) arrived
b) happened
c) were
d) was
8. I .......... around for a place to get another coffee.
a) saw
b) looked
c) had
d) was
9. I .......... a drinks machine so I .......... over to get some.
a) looked over / went
b) saw / fell
c) saw / went
d) looked over / fell
10. I .......... in my money and .......... the button for black coffee.
a) put / pressed
b) put / pulled
c) threw / pressed
d) threw / pulled
11. When I .......... up the cup,
a) took
b) pushed
c) pulled
d) picked
12. it .......... only water.
a) went in
b) got up
c) filled
d) contained
13. At that moment, the hostess .......... that the plane was delayed because of bad weather.
a) announced
b) called
c) spoke
d) mimed
1. Fill in the blanks suitably
1. He _____ the measuring and we _____ the cutting.
2.Each of you _____ to pay a dollar.
3. Those sheep _____ not belong to that farmer.
4.There _____ been no complaint so far.
5. My feet _____ not get tired easily.
6.Does he _____ a bicycle?
7. Everyone here _____ not know about it.
8. What _____ she got to say about this?
1. You _________ take your umbrella along with you today. The weatherman on the
news said there's a storm north of here and it _________ rain later on this afternoon.
2. I _________ believe she said that to Megan! She _________ insult her cooking in
front of everyone at the party last night. She _________ have just said she was full or
had some salad if she didn't like the meal.
3. Do you _________ chew with your mouth open like that? Geez, it's making me sick
watching you eat that piece of pizza.
4. __________ you always say the first thing that pops into your head? _________
you think once in awhile before you speak?
5. Our friends have a _______dog. (friendly/bumpy)
6. 14. The weather is ___________. (chilly/frozen)
7. 15. My new shoes are ________. (long/fashionable)
8. 16. The genius is ________. (intelligent/rectangular)
9. 17. The city library is _______. (useful/chewy)
10. 18. We have a __________ horse. (brown/scaly)
i. President Obama visited _________ and paid respect to the victims of 9/11.
ii. The secret document was torn to ______ so that nobody could read it.
iii. Doctors normally advise ____________ iodine steam inhalations to remove
iv. After independence, India suffered from _______ shortage of food grains, resulting
in starvation.
v. It is by sheer _________ that militants could escape the trap laid down police.
vi. One needs to administer a ______ dose of pesticides to drive out the pests from this
1. You need to be a highly trained __________________ to understand this report.
2. There were only a __________________ of people at the match. (hand)
3. She arrived late at work because she had__________________ . (sleep)
1. ___________earning a low salary, Sara helped her parents
2. Jane rarely sees Alan ___________they are neighbours.
3. Kate did not do well in the exam ___________working very hard.
4. ___________I was very hungry, I couldn't eat.
5. __________the difficulty, they managed to solve the math problem.
6. Liza never talked to him __________she loved him.
7. __________it was cold, Marie didn't put on her coat.
8. Clare did the work ____________being ill.
9. __________ we had planned everything carefully, a lot of things went wrong.
10. I went to work the next day ______________ I was still feeling ill.
11. I managed to sleep ____________ the hotel was noisy.
12. He runs fast __________his injury.
i. The local police had a ____ with the pickpocket for which there were regular
thefts in this area.
ii. Silicon is situated in the ____ of Sikharchandi Temple.
iii. The ____ objective of Anna was to uproot corruption from the nation.
iv. While doing a crash course in VLSI designing the students have ____ a lot of
skills in telecommunication engineering.
i. The campus also has thirteen temples _______ to various deities.
ii. A hot favourite amongst students is the Sati Chaura, where they love to
iii. With so many different facilities crowded together, the university _______ a
small town.
iv. Syllable Division
v. Each of these words is broken into three parts which are called syllables.
When we say these words, we put more force or stress on one of the syllable
than the other syllables. The difference in the syllable to be stressed can be
represented using bold-face print, as shown below:
vi. Ca.pi.tal Gi.gan.tic Di.sasters
Su.ppor.ted La.bou.rers Ma.xi.mum O.ver.sight Re.gar.ded Won.der.ful